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Making sense of old handwriting

Baptism Transcription Exercise

As anyone who has worked with old documents knows, the best way to learn to read handwriting in old records is to read and work with the documents themselves. Practice is the best way to put the various pieces of information discussed in the previous pages to work.

Here is an opportunity to transcribe an actual baptism document and practice your ability to read these records accurately. The exercise has the objective of helping you to transcribe a christening record focusing on the individual words and not on the punctuation.


A word will be highlighted on the document, which must be transcribed. Enter the highlighted word and press the ENTER key. If the word entered is correct, it will be displayed in green; otherwise, it will appear in red. To continue to the next word, press the space bar.

Transcribe only the highlighted section, and pay attention to the upper and lower cases. You may also need to scroll down to view the highlighted portion.

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