How Should I Use These Exercises?

The purpose of this section is to help you learn the vocabulary used in parish records and practice reading handwritten records. As you use these exercises you might need to consult the abbreviations and the glossary sections of this site.

This section includes three types of exercises that allow you to practice and learn three aspects of reading handwritten documents:

Vocabulary and phrases:
       This exercise allows you to click on a word within the parish record and view the definition of the word, the context of the word in the phrase within the record, a transcription of the entire record, and a description of each one of the phrases that are common to most parish records of that kind.

Transcription of words:
       This type of exercises was created to help you transcribe isolated words selected randomly. Once the word has been transcribed, the user receives feedback from the program.

Transcription of the entire document:
       This exercise allows the user to transcribe a complete parish record while receiving feedback after each word.

Each of these exercises will help you build your knowledge and ability to read records. In order to make your learning more incremental, we use the same document for all exercises within the same category of records. If you encounter problems with the highlighting of words, we recommend that you use a window size of 1280 by 1024 pixels.

From the navigation bar on the left, select your desired type of records and then click on the exercise you wish to practice.​


​For now see Spanish Records Extraction Guide Chapter 7:

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