Below is a sample will created in 1792 by a notary in the town of Garganta la Olla, province of Cáceres, Spain. You will find three sections: the first one includes the digital images of the document, the second section contains the transcription of the will, and the third one includes the translation of the text. 


men dos Bulas de difunttos; seme ofrende por tiempo

de dos Meses; Yse venga a canttar el responso alas pu-

erttas de mi morada todos tres días, y el dela vigilia,

en el que se me dirá otra Misa Canttada.----------------

Mando se me diga una Misa de indulgencia---------

Mando se diga una Misa Rezada alSantto Angelde

mi Guarda, y Santto de mi Nombre.--------------

Mando se diga una Misa Rezada por el anima de mis

Padres; y otra por las de mis dos difuntas Mugeres.

Mando se digan por bien demi Alma, inttenz.on ydevoz.on

treinta Misas rezadas, las q.e se los sres sacerdotes de

estte Pueblo no pudiesen celebrar, semandarán decir

en el Ymperial Monasterio deS.n Geronimo de Yus

te, o los Conventtos DeS.n Agusttin, y S.n Franz.co de

la villa de Jarandilla, donde tengan mas promptto


Mando ala Casa Santta de Gerusalem, y redempz.on

de Cauttivos su dro acosttumbrado.-------------------

Mando a Maria Diaz, mi Muger un lutto de saya, y

mantellina, devaietta enttrefina negra, para siem-

pre jamas; y asi mismo la mando tres barquettes del

guertto, que tengo al pago dela Medrana, yla calles

Lada dela entrada, q.e dize igualdad con ellos dela esca

lerá para acá, con los dos morales, ydemas arvoles

q.e tiene, paraq.e lo haya, goze, y desfrute por el ti

empo Desu vida, y denpues venga ami heredero.

Mando a Juan Barrado, mi hijo, y a Mattheo Di

az Xpttoval, q.e lo es del primer Mattrimo.o dedha

mi Muger, a cada uno un par dezapattos= Ya Ma-

ria Sanchez Muger de este, y a Barbara Gimenez

q.e lo es de aquel a cada una una mantellina de la

referida vaietta enttrefina.------------------------------

Mando a Rosa Diaz, nietta de la Referida mi Mu-

ger, un guardapies devaietta nogalada.--------------

Mando aJoseph Lopez Gimenez, mi Sobrino un

par dezapattos.--------------------------------------------

Mando a Miguel Gonzalez vez.o deestta villa, un 

  1. Preamble
  2. Credo of Catholic Beliefs
  3. Disposition of soul and body, including funeral and burial arrangements
  4. Specific Gifts (religious and personal)
  5. Specific Devices (land)
  6. Naming of Heirs
  7. Appointment and empowerment of executors
  8. Date and Place
  9. Witnesses
  10. Reception by the notary
  11. Authentication by the notary
  12. Signature(s)




​September 24    X​     Testament of    104

Twenty maravedís     Josef Curiel Barrado




In the name of God almighty. Amen.

Be it known by this public instrument of testament and last

will, how I, Josef Curiel Barrado, resident of this

town of Garganta la Olla, being sick in my body,

and by divine Mercy in my perfect judgment,

membría, and natural understanding, believing,

as I firmly believe the mystery of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son

and Holy Spirit, three distinct persons, and only one

true God, and in all the rest, that contains, believes,

confesses, and teaches us our Holy Mother the Catholic

Apostolic Roman Church, under which faith, and belief

I have lived, and declare to live and die, as true

and faithful Christian, and fearful of death

and is natural to all living creatures, and its uncertain

hour, and for when this arrives, as my intercessor

and Advocate the Sovereign Queen of Angels

Mother of God, and of all sinners, to be

with her Only Begotten Son during that last moment

and end of my life, and to their honor and glory

and to their Holy Service, I make and require this my

testament in the following form and manner.---------

Firstly, I commend my soul to God our Lord,

who created and redeemed it with the infinite price of His

blood, and my body I commend to the earth, from which it was

formed, which body I desire be buried in the parish

church of this town, wherever there is room.----------

I require that three sung burial masses be said in my behalf.

I require that nine novena masses be said in my behalf

in three days; that the customary candles and tortas be given;

that four stops ​​



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