Given Names               

Sometimes, deciphering a given name in an old handwritten document is not as easy as one might suppose. This could be due to the widespread use of abbreviations or to the difficulty in reading the handwriting. Use the following list of given names​ to assist you in interpreting the names mentioned in the documents.

Male Names - Female Names -​



Additional Resources

¿Y tú, cómo te llamas? is a book about the indigenous names used in Mexico. It is available in PDF format here (the link to download the PDF is on the lower part of the page). The book is only available in Spanish.

Another book that may be of interest to those that research Mexican surnames is El Análisis Geodemográfico de Apellidos en México. It is available in PDF format here.

Additional name lists can be found in the Spanish Records Extraction Guide: Appendix A1 - Given Names.

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