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All contracts contain the following parts, incorporating the six elements found in all notarial records discussed on the previous page . The​y will most often be in this order

  • ​ Reception of the parties by the notary.
  • Identification of the parties (participantes ​or contrayentes), including the fiador (guarantor).
  • Date and place of the contract.
  • Phrase that explains the terms of the contract:
  • ​​​money or property transferred, or service provided.
  • price or amount loaned, and terms of payment or repayment.
  • duration of the contract and/or length of time for payment or repayment.
  • Language that legally formalizes the contract and defines the rights each party  may have under the contract and its enforcement.         ​                                    
  • Identification of the witnesses.
  • Authentication by the notary.
  • Signatures of the notary, witnesses and parties.​​



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