Types of  Parish Registers                                         


According to Catholic doctrine, all individuals must be baptized in order to be saved. Because of this universal need for baptism, these records will include the majority of the people living in the parish, regardless of their social or economic status. Christening records may include the following information, depending on the time period when they were created:

  • Given name and surnames of the person being baptized
  • Date of the baptism
  • Date of baptismal entry (usually same as baptism)
  • Date and birthplace of the person being baptized
  • Whether the child being baptized was legitimate or illegitimate
  • Given names, surnames, residence, and birthplaces of the parents and grandparents
  • Marital status of the parents
  • Names of the godparents and sometimes their relationship to the child
  • Residence or birthplaces of the godparents
  • Name or signature of the officiating priest


The information included in these records usually follows a specific order; however, it is not uncommon to find the same information in a different order. See the following examples below.

Baptisms / Batismos

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Bragança, Portugal - 1598

Terrugem, Portugal - 1651

 Porto, Portugal - 1692

Malcata, Portugal - 1814



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"Batismo de D. Afonso Henriques por S. Geraldo, arcebispo de Braga" by Simão Álvares (fl. 1638-1657)

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