Burial Record Sample

Liverpool, England, 1884


No. 810
Anno 1884 die 29 mensis Augusti Ellen Johnston ex 5 Olive street
aetatis 46, in communione S. Matris Ecclesiae animam Deo reddidit Sacramentis munita cujus corpus 
die 31 mensis Augusti sepultum est in caemeterio apud Ford

                                                                                Fredericus d. Heurter, miss[ionarius] coad[jutor]


No. 810
In the year 1884 on the 29th day of the month of August Ellen Johnston of 5 Olive street
age 46, in [full] communion of the Holy Mother Church, gave up her soul to God, having been fortified by the sacraments [last rights], whose body
on the 31st day of the month of August was buried in the cemetery in Ford
                                                                                Fredericus d. Heurter, missionary, assistant [to the parish priest]

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