​​Records written in Italian contain two main types of numbers used to express figures and dates. The first group of numbers used in these records is the set of roman numerals. Even though they may show some variations from the ones still used today, they are also usually easy to read. The researcher must be aware of the common use of some lowercase letters to represent roman numerals, for example, iii instead of III.
It is recommended a researcher check other records written by the same scribe to ensure the correct reading of a particular number. The chart of roman numerals to the right is also helpful while gaining a familiarity with the different styles in which they can appear.

Some of the older documents you look at may use the following symbol:


This "U" like character signifies the space between the thousands place and the hundreds place.

  For example:

  or "​1 U DXCI" would be 1591.

Before the "U," the scribe may place).

The second and most relevant types of numbers are Arabic numerals, which are the most widely used today. These are usually easy to read, but some are sometimes confusing because their shape could be similar to other numbers, such as 1 and 7 or 5 and 9.
When dating documents, most records will use Cardinal Numerals (one, two, three) or Ordinal Numerals (first, second, third); however, it is not uncommon for documents that use a mixture of all four kinds of number systems. Below is a basic guide to numbers you may encounter in Italian records:





0 nūllus zero -
1 I unom/unaf primo
2 II due secondo
3 III tre terzo
4 IV quattro quarto
5 V cinque quinto
6 VI sei sesto
7 VII sette settimo
8 VIII otto ottavo
9 IX nove nono
10 X dieci decimo
11 XI undici undicesimo
12 XII dodici dodicesimo
13 XIII tredici tredicesimo
14 XIV quattordici quattordicesimo
15 XV quindici quindicesimo
16 XVI sedici sedicesimo
17 XVII diciassette diciassettesimo
18 XVIII diciotto diciottesimo
19 XIX diciannove diciannovesimo
20 XX venti ventesimo
21 XXI ventuno ventunesimo
22 XXII ventidue ventiduesimo
23 XXIII ventitré ventitreesimo
30 XXX trenta trentesimo
31 XXX1 trentuno trentunesima
32 XXII trentadue trenta secondi
33 XXXIII trentatre trentatreesimo
40 XXXX quaranta quarantesimo
50 L cinquanta cinquantesimo
60 LX sessanta sessantesimo
70 LXX settanta settantesimo
80 LXXX ottanta ottantesimo
90 XC novanta novantesimo
100 C cento centesimo
1,000 M mille millesimo


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