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Burial and death records for Italy may include the following information, depending on the time period when they were created:

  • Date of the record, usually the burial date
  • Given name and surnames of the deceased
  • Marital status of the deceased
  • Name of spouse of the deceased
  • Age of the deceased
  • Occupation of the deceased
  • Given names, surnames, residence and birthplaces of the parents
  • Note regarding the masses to be perfomed for the soul of the deceased
  • Note as to whether the deceased left a will
  • Burial place
  • Names of witnesses
  • Name or signature of the officiating priest

The information included in these records usually follows a specific order; however, it is not uncommon to find the same information in different order. See​​ the example below​.



Adi 8 Nouembre i749
Giovanni Casetta morì ieri c[irc]a il mezzo giorno d'anni 55:: c[irc]a
munito di tutti li santissimi Sacra[men]ti tanto quello
della penitenza, ed il Sacro Viatico come pure
dell'estrema Untione, ed assoluzione del S[antissimo] Rosario
ed ebbe l'assoluzione Pontifizia, ed in quest'
oggi fu sepolto sopra questo Cemiterio.


On the 8th day of November 1749
Giovanni Casetta died yesterday around noon of about 55 years [of age]
fortified with all the holy sacraments, even the one
of penitence, and the sacred viaticum, as well as
that of extreme unction, and absolution of the Holy Rosary
and had the pontifical absolution, and today
was buried in this cemetery.


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