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If you are interested in learning how to read old French handwriting for the purpose of extracting parish records, you may consult the French Records Extraction Guide. This resource provides basic principles, examples, and practice exercises which will enable you to identify specific parts and characteristics of christening and marriage record entries. The French Records Extraction Guide was first published in 1981 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is now available for download on this website in PDF format.

To download the French Records Extraction Guide in its entirety (65MB), click here.

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Chapter 1
French Records
Chapter 2
Chapter 1: Old Records

Old French Records 
Chapter 3
Chapter 2: Christening, Marriage, and Other Entries

Parish Christening And Civil Birth Entries 
Chapter 4
Chapter 3: Marriage

Marriage Entries
Chapter 5
Chapter 4: Other Entries

Other Entries 
Chapter 6
Chapter 5: French Handwriting and Spelling

Chapter 7
Chapter 6: Name Identification
Introduction and Techniques 
Chapter 7: Gender 

Sex Determiners

Chapter 8: Dates
Months, Days, Years And variation in Dates 
Chapter 9: Putting it all in practice  



Appendix A - French occupation list
Appendix B - Common Abbreviations
Appendix C - Answers to self evaluation exercises


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