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Burial and death records for most French speaking countries may include the following information, depending on the time period when they were created:

  • Date of the record, usually the burial date
  • Given name and surnames of the deceased
  • Marital status of the deceased
  • Name of spouse of the deceased
  • Age of the deceased
  • Occupation of the deceased
  • Given names, surnames, residence and birthplaces of the parents
  • Note regarding the masses to be performed​ for the soul of the deceased
  • Note as to whether the deceased left a will
  • Names of witnesses
  • Name or signature of the officiating priest

The information included in these records usually follows a specific order; however, it is not uncommon to find the same information in different order. See example below.​


Sample Burial Record

Paul Vachon Burial Record.jpg



  1. Marginal Notes
  2. Place Phrase
  3. Doc​ument Date Phrase
  4. Ceremony Phrase: the Burial
  5. Name of the Deceased
  6. Additional Information about the Deceased
  7. Last Rites Phrase
  8. Testament Phrase
  9. Relationships of the Deceased
  10. Certification Phrase​



Le 25 Juin 1703 par moy soussigné Prètre à Beau-

-port au cimetière du dit lieu a été enterré Paul Va-

-chon cy devant notaire au dit lieu décédé le jour pré-

Paul Vachon -cedent dans la foy catholique après avoir reçu les

derniers sacremens Presens Mathieu Tessier habi-

-tant du d. Beauport lequel a declaré ne savoir signer

de ce enquis & plusieurs autres




                           The 25th of June 1703 by me the undersigned Priest of Beauport

                           at the cemetery of the said place was buried Paul Vachon 

                           former notary of the said place[. He] died the day before

Paul Vachon     in the catholic faith after having received 

                           the last sacraments[, Being] present Mathieu Tessier resident ​

                           of Beauport (who has declared that he does not know how to sign 

                           this register) and many others                            







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