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List of Words used in Genealogical Records 

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Because language is constantly changing and many words used in old records could have a different meaning from the common meaning used today, dictionaries from earlier years or centuries are a great resource for the researchers. For access to several historical dictionaries combined and cross-referenced in a single website​ see

Letter A
à la fois: both​
abbaye: abbey
abcès: abscess
abris: protection, shelter; security, voucher; frontier customs guard
absent: absent; absentee, missing person
acceptation: acceptance; approval; approbation
accord: agreement, covenant, pact
accorder: to set forth, establish, offer, grant, stipulate or promise something usually used when the notary is preparing the actual document
accouchement: labor, birth
acre: acre
acte: act, certificate, document, record, official act
adjoint(e): assistant, deputy, substitute
adjoint: adjoining
administration: administration
adopté: adopted
adultère: adultery, violation of the marriage vows
advantage de délibérer: (law) opportunity of deliberation in which the heir can postpone acceptance of inheritance until inventory has been made
affinité: relation by marriage
affranchi: freed slave
âge: age 
agrégation: addition, attachment, appointment, assignment
agriculteur: farmer
ainé: firstborn, oldest
ajournement: extension or postponement for a specified period of time
allemande(e): German
Altesse: an honorary title given to the kings, princes, and officials of the high court and to som eof the royal councils, highness
altitude: altitude
âme: soul, spirit
ami(e): friend
ancêtre: ancestor
ancien(ne): elderly
anglais: English
aniversaire: anniversary, birthday
année bissextile: leap year
année seculaire: the centenary years (1500,1600,1700, etc)
année: year
annexe: annex

annuaire: yearbook
annuel: annual
antérieur: former, previous
antique: old, ancient
août: August
apostolique: apostolic
apparaître: to appear
appendice: appendix
apprenti: apprentice
approbation: document establishing the proof of certainty of a fact, such as a proof of the nobility of a person's family
approximatif: approximate
après: after
après-midi: afternoon, late
arbre génalogique: genealogical tree, pedigree chart
arbre: tree
archevêché: archbishopric, ecclesiastical territory under the jurisdiction of an archbishop
archevêque: archbishop, the bishop of a metropolitan church to which other bishops are subordinate
archipresbytérat: land under jurisdiction of an archpriest composed of several parishes
archiprêtre: archpriest, a parish priest who also presides over several parish priests
archive: archives, place where records are kept, (office) files
argent: silver
armée: army, military
arrière: great (used in context family), for example- great grandpa is arrière-grand-père. Use arrière for ever great.
article: article
ascendance: ascendency, a series of ancestors
ascendant: andcestor
asile: asylum, shelter
assurance: safety, security, certainty, assurance, surety bond
asthme: asthma
auberge: hostel, shelter, inn
aubergiste: innkeeper
aucun: none, no one
aumône: alms
aumônerie: benefice or foundation subject to certain obligations; lay foundation without ecclesiastical intervention
aussi: also, too
automne: autumn
autre: other, another
avant tout: above all, first of all
avant: before
avantage: beneficence, charity, welfare organization or institution, charity organization
avec: with
avent: Advent, the four weeks preceding Christmas
aveugle: blind
avocat: lawyer
avril: April
awol: military, absent without leave​


Letter B

bachellier: graduate of the equivalent of junior college in the United States; holder of a bachelor's degree, baccalaureate;
applied to priests who have graduated from the seminary
banc de nobless: seat in city council held by nobility
banque: bank, bench
baptême: baptism
baptiser: to baptize, to christian
bateau: boat, ship
bébé: baby, child
bénéfice simple: ecclesiastical sinecure
beaucoups: many, a lot​
beau-fils: stepson or son-in-law
beau-frère: step-brother or brother-in-law
beau-père: step-father or father-in-law
belle-fille: step-daughter or daughter-in-law
belle-mère: step-mother or mother-in-law
belle-sœur: step-sister or sister-in-law
bénédiction: blessing
benefice: benefit, profit
bétail: cattle
bibliothèque: library
bien(e): well, good
biens immobilier: real property
biens: properties, goods, fee
blanc(he): white
blé: wheat

boiteux: crippled, lame
bouche: mouth
boucher: butcher
boulanger: baker
bra: arm
brasseur: brewer


Letter C

capitain général: captain general
capital: assests, principal of a trust fund
carte: map
cathédrale: cathedral
catolique: Catholic
cavalaire: military cavalry; knightly order, knighthood, rank and privileges of a knight
cela: that
célibataire: singel, unmarried, bachelor
celui-ci: this
cent: on hundred
centenaire: centennial
cérémonie du voile: vigil, watch, veiling ceremony of bride and groom in nuptial mass
certificate royal: royal decree
cerificate: certificate
certification: certification
chaire: the chair or seat of a bishop in his church
chambre: room
changer: to change, alterate
chapelain: a priest who has a chaplaincy, or says mass in a private chapel and who is paid by a trust fund or private individual to administer the affairs of said fund or individual
chapelle: chapel
charpentier: carpenter
chasseur/chasseuese: hunter
château: castle
chemin de fer: railroad
chevalier: nobleman; knight; member of a military order; gentleman
chose: thing, something
chrétien(ne): Christian
chroniquer: chronicler, historian
cimitière: cemetary
citoyen: citizen
classe: class, type, kind
clerc: clergyman
colonel: colonel (military)
colline: colony; hill
commerce: business, commerce
comme: as, how
commerce/ achat: trade/purchase
comte: count, ear
comté: earldom, courtship; county
comunauté: community
comunion: comunion
concernante: concerning
concièrge: doorman
confirmation: confirmation, affirmation; the religious sacrament of confirmation administered by the bishop
congrégation: congregation; assembly
conjoint (e): spous; partner, associate
connu: known; acquaintance
connu comme: known as
consacrer: dedicate
consanguinité: consanguinity, kinship, blood relationship
Conseil de Trete: Council of Trent
conseil: council
conseiller municipal: councilman
consentement: consent, compliance, acquiescence
consignation: consignment
consommation: consumption
constipation: constipation
contenu: contents
contract de mariage: marriage contract
contractant: contractin party, such as in a marriage
contrat d'aprentisage: contract of apprenticeship
contrat/ accord: agreement, contract, arrangement, settlement; agreement enforceable by law
contre: against
contribuable: taxable, tax payer
contribution: tax
convertion: conversion
convocation: designation, appointment, indication
convulsion: convulsion
copie litérale: literal or word-for-word copy
coqueluche: whooping cough
cordier: rope maker
cordillère: mountain range
cordonnier: shoemaker
corp: body, volume
corps: corporal (military)
courant: current, present
cousin(e): cousin
couvent: convent
credit immobilier: mortgage, pledge
créole: Creole
curé: parish priest, vicar


Letter D

à droit: right
dans: within, inside, in
date: date
de cela: of the same (usually refers to previous wording, such as month and year
de plus: furthermore, besides, moreover
de: of, from, belonging to
décedé: deceased
décembre: December
décennie: decade
décès: death
déclaration: declaration, statement, affidavit
declaré: declared, stated
décret: decree
défenseur: defense, counsel
degré: degree, grade, rank
délégation: delegation (of power); group of delegates
délivrance: deliverance
demain: tomorrow
demande: demand, claim, petition, request, summons
demandeur: claimant, seeker, petitioner
demeure: dwelling
demeurer: to live (location)
dénonciation: accusation, denunciation
dent: tooth
dentition: teething
departament: district, department
dépeuplé: unpopulated
dépot: deposit, depository
depuis: since
député: deputy
derinier/ dernière: last
dernières volontés: last wishes; will that is dictated by a dying person before witnesses and in some cases the notary and is later recorded by the notary in his protocol​
derrière: behind
désaccord: disagreement
descendant: descendant
déscription: description
diarrhée: diarrhea
dictionaire géogragique: geographical dictionary
dictionaire: dictionary
digne: worthy
dimanche: Sunday
dîme: tithing
dirigeant: leader
discernement: judgement
dispensation apostolique: apostolic dispensation or grant given by a pope or bishop, depending upon it's nature
dispensation de sa santité: apostolic dispensation or grant given by a pope or bishop
distance: distance (from)
district: district
dit: stated, said, the above mentiond
divorce: divorce
divorcé: divorced

doctrine: doctrine, ritual
document: document
doigt: finger
domaine: domain
domestique: maid/ servant
domicilé à: residing in
domicile: dwelling, residence
don: donation, gift, grant
dossier/ documentation: written proceedings of a particular action; petition; file
dot: dowry, that property which a woman takes into marriage
dotation: endowment, dowry
droit: law
droit canonique: canon law
droit d'ainesse: family estate, entailed on the eldest son; a legal term indicating priority right to authority, inheritance, or succession
du nord: northern
duc: duke, title of honor which follows that of prince
du quel(le): whose
dysenterie: dysentery​


Letter E

échange: exchange, barter, trade
éclésiastique: ecclesiastical
école: school
école notoriale: notarial college
écriture: writing, handwriting
égal: equal
élise: church
église Catolique: Catholic Church
elle: she
emancipation: emancipation, the act of freeing from servitude
embarquer: to board, to set sail
embaucher: marking
émigrant(e): emigrant
émigration: emigration, population movement, leaving one's native country to go and establish oneself in another country
empêchement: obstacle, hindrance, obstruction' impediment
empire: empire
employé(e): employee
en terre: on land
enceinte: pregnant
encore: still
endroit: place, site
enfant: infant, child
enfant trouvé: abandoned, foundling child
engagement: pledge, commitment, promise, engagement (to be married)
enqueter: investigating, researching, investigator
enrhumé: constipated; having a cold
ensemble: together
enterrement: burial, funeral, inerment
enterrer: buried
entreprise: business
environ: around, near, approximate
épidémie: epidemic​
épilepsie: epilepsy
épiscopal: of the bishop
époux/ épouse: husband/ wife, spouse
esclavage: slavery
esclave: slave
espagnol: Spanish
estomac: stomach
et: and
été: summer
étranger: foreigner, stranger
être: to be
être inscrit: to be written, recorded, or registered
évangélique: evangelical
examen: examination
exécuteur testamentaire: executor, person who oversees distribution of decendent's assets in accordance with last will and testament
exécuteur: executor
exemption: redemption, salvation
exhumation: exhumation, removal of a corpse from it's grave
expert(e): public appraiser
extérieur: outside the city walls
extrait: text/ extract
extrême onction: extreme unction, last rite (fith of the seven sacraments) administered to a gravely ill person, usually just before death


Letter F

faiblesse: weakness, disability
fait: completed, done
familial: pertaining to a family; domestic
famille: family, all persons of the same blood, such as uncles, cousings, nephews, etc.
femelle: female
feminin: feminine
femme: woman; wife
ferme: farm, farmstead, estate, a rural establishment
feu: fire, hearth
feuille: leaf, sheet of paper, page of book
feuille de service: service record, document of an officer containing the personal and professional antecedents of government employees, used extensively in the military
feuiller de famille: family group sheet
fevrier: February
fiche: index cards, records
fiche de mariage: marriage proceeding or application
fichier: filing cabinet
fièvre typhoide: typhoid fever
foi: faith
fois: time, turn, occasion
fond: funds
fondation: foundation endowment
fontaine: fountain
forêt/ bois: forest, grove
forge: iron works
forgeron: blacksmithh
fornication: fornication, sexual union outside of the marriage contract where the persons involved are not married
forteresse: fortress, strength
foyer: home
français: French
fraternité: fraternity, congregation of brotherhood of religious individuals, guild, trade union
frère: brother
front: front, in front of 
frontière: border, frontier
futur: future


Letter G

garçon: male, boy
garde: guard, warden, body of soldiers, keeper
gauche: left
généalogie: genealogy
général: (miliary) major
gens: people
gonflement: swelling
goutte: gout, drop
gouveneur: governor
gouvernement: government
grand(e): grand, great, large
grand-oncle: grand uncle, the brother of the grandparent
grande-tant: grand aunt, the sister of the grandparent
greffier/ greffière: notary; court clerk, judge's secretary
grippe: influenza
guide: guide, advisor, instructor, trainer
guilde: guild, society, association, brotherhood


Letter H

habitant: inhabitant
hameau: hamlet
hémorragie: hemorrhage, bleeding

héraldique: heraldry
héritage: inheritance
héritier" heir
heure: hour
histoire: history
hiver: winter
holandais(e): Dutch
hommage: tribute, tax, respect
homme: man, husband
honêtte: honest
huile: oil
huile sacrée: holy oil
hydropexie: dropsy



Letter I
il: he, him

il y a: there was, it's been
illégitime: illegitimate
ils/elles: they
immédiatement: immediately, promptly
immigrant(e): immigrant
immigration: immigration
immueble: building
imposable: taxable
in facie ecclesiae: Latin phrase meaning "before the church"; used in marriage documents to describe full church marriage
inconnu: unkown, unrecognized
inconvénint: disagreement
indemnité: indemnity
information: information, declaration of statement of fact
inhumation: burial
intestin: intestines
inventaire: inventory
italien(ne): Italian
italique: paleographic term, italic, cursive script 


Letter J

jamais: never
jambe: leg
janvier: January
jardinier: gardener
je: I
jésuite: Jesuit
journalier:  day laborer
jour des rois: Day of the Kings or Magi, twelfth night, Januarey 6th
jeudi: Thursday
juge: judge, juryman
juif:  Jewish
juin: June
juillet: July
jumeau/jumelle: twins
juré: juryman
justice: justice, rightness, fairness; tribunal


Letter L

la: the (feminine)
laboreur: ploughman, peasant, farmer
lac: lake
laitier: dairyman
langue: language, tongue
latitude: latitude
le: the (masculine)
le mien: mine
légal: legal
légitime: legitimate, lawful
le quel: which
les deux: both
liasse: bundle of losse papers that are usually tied together because they deal with common subject
liberation: exoneration, exemption from taxes or obligations
liberté: freedom
licencié: release; licensed, authorized
license/ diplôme: diploma; license (to practice a trade or profession)
lien: bond, tie, link
ligue: league
limite: boudary
liquidation: liquidation, winding up; liquidation of debts
liste: register, list, roster, roll, census
livre: book; weight measure
livre de famille: book of the family, often issued by the government for recording births, marriages and deaths
livres sacramentels: parish registers
l'œil: eye
loi: law
longitude: longitude
lundi: Monday


Letter M

madame: lady, woman
magistrat royal: magistrate who, in the royal courts, heard and sentenced disputes and lawsuits
magistrature: judgeship
mai: May
main: hand
maire: mayor
mais: but; corn
maison: house
maladie: disease
male: male
mancipation: transfer of propery
mandat: draft, bill of exchange
manifestation: protest, protestation, declaration, affirmation, promis
manoir: manoir, villa, country house
manoir/ foyer ancestral: ancestral home, manor house
marchand: merchant
marchandise: wares, goods
marché: market
mardi: Tuesday
marge: margin
mari/ fiancé: groom, fiancé
mari: husband
mariage: marriage, wedding
marié(e): married
mariée/ fiancée: bride, fiancée
marin: sailor
marine: navy
maritime: maritime
marraine: godmother, a woman who assists in one of the sacraments of baptism, marriage, etc.
mars: March
masculin: masculine
maternal: maternal, pertaining to the mother's family
matrimonial: matrimonial, relating to marriage
Mer de Nord: the North Sea
Mer du Sud: the South Sea
mère: mother
médecin: doctor
membre: member
membre de famille: relative
meme: same
mémoire: memory, recollection; report; study, account
mendiant(e): beggar
mercredi: Wednesday
mérit: merit, accomplishments
messe: Mass
métier: occupation, job, work, craft
mile: mile
milice: (military) militia
militaire: pertaining to the military or to war; a person serving in the army
mille: thousand
mine: mine
mineur: miner
ministre: minister
minuit: midnight
moi: me, my
moin: monk
moins: less
mois: month
moitié: half
monastère: monastery
monsieur: sir, mister
montagne: mountain
morant: dying
morir: to die
mort: death, deceased
mort-né: stillborn
moulin: mill
muebles: furniture, household
muet(te): dumb, unable to speak
municipal: of or relating to the commune
municipalité: municipality, the territorial jurisdiction which includes the inhabitants governed by a town council


Letter N

naissance: birth
naître: to be born
naîvre: ship; nave, aisle
natif/ native: native of, born in a given locality; born outside fo the marriage contract
nationalité: nationality, citizenship
né(e): born
nécessité:  necessity, need
nègre: negro, black or dark-skinned, native of various tribes of Africa
neveu: nephew
nez: nose
nièce: niece
no.= nombre: number
noble: noble, of noble blood, 
noblesse: nobility
nomination: appointment, election, nomination, comission
nommer: to elect or appoint; to name, to mention by name
non: no
nord: north
nord-est: northeast
nord-oeust: northwest
nous: we
notable: notable, noteworth, outstanding
notaire: notary
notre: our, ours, of ours
nouveau/ nouvelle: new
novembre: November​


Letter O

obituare: obituary, book wherin are registered deaths and burial, section of death notices in the newspaper
obligation: obligation, responsibility, duty
observation: observation, comments, marginals= notes
occidental: western
octobre: october
offrande: offrande
offre: offering
oncle: uncle
or: gold
oreille: ear
orient: eastern
orphelin(e): orphan
orphelinat: orphanage
ou: or
: where
ouest: west
oui: yes
ouvrier: worker, laborer


Letter P

palace: palace
palégraphie: paleography, study of ancient handwriting
papiers d'identité: military register of a soldier
par: by, for, through, along, over, by way of, via, around, about, in, at, multiplighed by
paragraphe: paragraph
paraÎtre: to appear, seem, look
parceque: because
pardon: pardon, forgiveness, grace, reprieve
parmi: between, among
paroisse: parish
parrain: godfather, a man who assists in one of the sacraments of baptism, marriage, etc. usually a friend or relative
parroise: parish, territory covered by the spiritual jurisdiction of a parish pries
parroissien: parishioner
part: part, fragment
passé: past
pasteur: pastor, minister, shepherd
pasturage: pasture land
paternel: paternal, from the father's line
patrimoine: inheritance
patron(ne): master, employer
pays: country
pêcheur: fisherman
péninsulaire: peninsular
père: father, priest
periode: end, finish, conclusion, time limit, term, period, space of time
périodique: periodic, periodical, newspaper
permi: permission, authority, leave
permission: permission
peste: plague
petit-enfant: grandchild
petite-fille: granddaughter
petit-fils: grandson
pétition: petition, request
petits-enfants: grandchildren
peuplé: populated, town, village
peut-être: maybe
pg.= page: page
pied: foot, length measurement 
place: main square of a town; office, position
pleine: pregnant
plus:  more
plus grand: larger
plus jeune: smaller, youngest
pneumonie: pneumonia
polonais: Polish
pont: bridge
population: population
porqoui: why
port: port
portrait: portrait
portugais: Portuguese
possession: possession, property, estate
posture: posture, position, attitude
pouce: thumb; length measurements, inch
poumon: lung
pour: for, to
prélat: prelate, ecclesiastical dignitary
premier/ première: first
prénom: given or christian name, first name
près: next
près de: next to
présent: present
président: head or leader of the courst
prêtre: priest
preuve: (law) proof, evidence
prévu: anticipated
prier: to pray
prière: prayer

printemps: spring
prison: jail, prison, penitentiary
privilège: privilege, grant, concession
procès: lawsuit, suit, court or judicial action or proceedings
proche: near, close, approximate
procureur: prosecuter, local city attorney
professeur: professeur, teacher
profession: profession
promesse: promise, offer, vow, pledge
promis: betrothed
propriété: property, land
propriètaire: owner, proprietor
protestant(e): Protestant
protester: protest; declaration


Letter Q

quotidien: daily
quadruplé: quadruplets
quand: when
que: that/ what
qui: who, whom


Letter R

recensement: census of population; official register of citizens having the right to vote
réception: reception, receiving
recherche: research
réclamation: clain, demand
récolte: harvest
récompense: recognition, admission, acknowledgment
reçu: receipt
réduction: reduction
regarder: look at
régiment: military unit headed by a colonel
région: region, province, territorial division
registre: register, record, record book
registre civil: civil registry
règlament: regulation
règne: reign
reine: queen
religieux: religious
réligion: religion
renonciation: renunciation
répudiation: repudiation
résidence: residence
résident: resident
retraité: retired
retraite: retirement
revenu: revenue, income
révocation: revocation
revue: review
rite: rite
rivière: river
roi: king
rouge: red
rougeole: measles
route/autoroute: highway
royal: royal, or pertaining to the Crown
royaume: kingdom
rue: street
ruelle: alley, small street
ruisseau: stream
russe: Russian​


Letter S

sacrament: sacrament, one of several religious rites or symbols 
sacré: sacred, hold
sacristain: sacristan, sexton, the individual who took care of the ecclesiastical cemeteries
sage femme: midwife
saignement: bleeding
saint(e): holy, saintly, hallowed, sacred, blesse
Sainte Cène: the Eucharist, holy sacrament 
saison: season
salaire: salary, wages
salle: parlor, hall, lounge, salon
samedi: Saturday
scarlatine: scarlet fever
se marier: to marry
second(e): second, secondary
secrétaire: secretary, notary office, court clerkship
séculier: secular
sécurité: security, safe, steady
semaine: week
séparation: division, partition, separation
séparé: separate
septembre: September
sépulcre: grave, sepulchre
sergent: sargent
serment: oath
serrurier: locksmith
servant(e): servant. see also domestique
service: service
seule: only
sexe: sex, gender
si: if, whether
siècle: century
sien:  theirs
signature: signature
situation: location, situation
situé: located
société: society
soldat: soldier, private (military)
soldate: female soldier
solennement: solemnly
son/sa/ses: his hers, theirs
soudain: suddenly
sourd: deaf
sousigné: written hereafter, signed, undersigned person
souvent: often
st(e)= saint(e): saint
subrogation: subrogation, substitution
subséquent: susequent
substitution: substitution
sud: south
sud-est: southeast
sud-oeust: southwest
suédois(e): Swedish
suffragant: suffragan, one who is under the jurisdiction or authority of another
suisse: Swiss
sujet: subject, used to introduce a new fact or statement
sur: about, concerning; above
surnom: surname, nickname, last name
survivant: surviving


Letter T

tailleur: tailor
tanneur: tanner, leather worker
tante: aunt
taxe: tax
teinteur: dyer
témoin: witness
témoinage: testimony
temp: time
terme: tem, periode of time
terrain: tract of land, field
territoire: territory
testament: will, a document in which one declares his last will and in which he disposes of his property and makes other arrangements for after his death. 
tête: head
tisserand: weaver
titre de noblesse: nobiliary, peerage liste, pertaining to the nobility
titre: title, name, caption heading
tombe: tomb, grave
tonnelier: cooper
tôt: early
toujours: slways
tout: all, everyone
toux: cough
traduction: translation
transaction: transaction, negotiation, settlement, agreement, compromise
travailleur: worker, laborer
tribunal: court, local court, tribunal court
trinité: trinity
triplés: triplets
tuberculose: tuberculosis
tumeur: tumor
tutelle: fuardianship, the authority conferred by law to an individual to care for the fortune and at times the person of a minor


Letter U

un(e): one
université: university
usin: factory; construction; church property funds
ut supra: (latin) as above


Letter V

vallée: valley
variole: smallpox
veille: vigil, the eve of a festival or holy day
vendre: to sell
vendredi: Friday
vente: sale, sell
vent réelle: sale of real property
vert: green
veuf/veuve: widower, widow, widowed
viatique: sacrament of the Eucharist administered to the sick in danger of death
vicaire: vicar
vicariat: vicarage; the territory over which a vicar presides
vicomte(sse): viscount, a title of noility
vice-roi: viceroy
vice-royauté: viceroyalte
vieillesse: old age
vieilli: elderly
viex/vieille: old
vignoble: vineyard
village: town, vilage
ville: city, town
visage: face, countenance
visite: visit, call, inspection
vivant(e): alive
vivre: to live
voilé: veiled
voisin(e): neighbor
volume: volume


un(e): one
deux: two
trois:  three
quatre: four
cinq: five
six: six
sept: seven
huit: eight
neuf: nine
dix: ten
onze: eleven
douze: twelve
treize: thirteen
quatorze: fourteen
quinze: fifteen
seize: sixteen
dix-sept: seventeen
dix-huit: eighteen
dix-neuf: nineteen
veingt: twenty
trente: thirty
quarante: forty
cinquante: fifty
soixant: sixty
soixant-dix: seventy
quatre-veingt: eighty
quatre-veingt-dix: ninety
cent: one hundred

*For numbers between 21-99 add numbers to the end. i.e. trente-et-un (31), quarante-cinq (45), quatre-veingt-deux (82). for 70-79 and 90-99 add the numbers 10-19 to the end. i.e. soixante-douze (72), quatre-veingt-treize (93), soixante-dix-sept (77), quatre-veingt-dix-huit (98).*



                       avoir- to have
j'ai-  I have                            nous avons-  we have
tu as-  you have                    vous avez-  you (formal/plural) have
il/elle a-   he/she has            ils/elles ont-  they have
                         être- to be                       
je suis-  I am                          nous​ sommes- we are
tu es- you are                        vous êtes- you (formal/plural) are
il/elle est-   he/she is             ils/elles sont-  they have
                    faire- to do/make
je​ fais- I make                       nous faisons- we make
tu fais- you make                  vous faisez- you (formal/plural) make
il/elle fait- he/she makes       ils/elles font- they make
*If the verbs avoir and être are conjugated in front of another verb, this idicates past tense*


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