The Alphabet

The German Alphabet

The German alphabet consists of 26 letters plus four special characters. The first 26 letters are exactly the same as the English alphabet, although x and y are rarely used. The four special characters are ß (called Eszett or Sharp S) and the umlauted vowels ä, ö, and ü.

It should also be noted that until recently, the lowercase letter s had two different forms depending on its environment. These forms are shown in the first chart below.

The charts below display all the letters of the German alphabet, lowercase and uppercase, and the numbers 1 to 10. Each letter is shown first in Gothic Handwriting, then in Gothic Typeface, or Fraktur. To view examples and an in-depth description of any letter or number, move your mouse cursor over it and click.

Lowercase Letters

Handwritten, Lowercase A Handwritten, Lowercase B Handwritten, Lowercase C Handwritten, Lowercase D Handwritten, Lowercase E Handwritten, Lowercase F Handwritten, Lowercase G Handwritten, Lowercase H Handwritten, Lowercase I Handwritten, Lowercase J
Typeface, Lowercase A Typeface, Lowercase B Typeface, Lowercase C Typeface, Lowercase D Typeface, Lowercase E Typeface, Lowercase F Typeface, Lowercase G Typeface, Lowercase H Typeface, Lowercase I Typeface, Lowercase J
Handwritten, Lowercase K Handwritten, Lowercase L Handwritten, Lowercase M Handwritten, Lowercase N Handwritten, Lowercase O Handwritten, Lowercase P Handwritten, Lowercase Q Handwritten, Lowercase R Handwritten, Lowercase S Handwritten, Ending S
Typeface, Lowercase K Typeface, Lowercase L Typeface, Lowercase M Typeface, Lowercase N Typeface, Lowercase O Typeface, Lowercase P Typeface, Lowercase Q Typeface, Lowercase R Typeface, Lowercase S Typeface, Ending S
Handwritten, Lowercase T Handwritten, Lowercase U Handwritten, Lowercase V Handwritten, Lowercase W Handwritten, Lowercase X Handwritten, Lowercase Y Handwritten, Lowercase Z
Typeface, Lowercase T Typeface, Lowercase U Typeface, Lowercase V Typeface, Lowercase W Typeface, Lowercase X Typeface, Lowercase Y Typeface, Lowercase Z
Handwritten, Lowercase AE Handwritten, Lowercase OE Handwritten, Lowercase UE Handwritten, Lowercase SZ
Typeface, Lowercase AE Typeface, Lowercase OE Typeface, Lowercase UE Typeface, Lowercase SZ

Uppercase Letters

Handwritten, Uppercase A Handwritten, Uppercase B Handwritten, Uppercase C Handwritten, Uppercase D Handwritten, Uppercase E Handwritten, Uppercase F Handwritten, Uppercase G Handwritten, Uppercase H Handwritten, Uppercase I Handwritten, Uppercase J
Typeface, Uppercase A Typeface, Uppercase B Typeface, Uppercase C Typeface, Uppercase D Typeface, Uppercase E Typeface, Uppercase F Typeface, Uppercase G Typeface, Uppercase H Typeface, Uppercase I Typeface, Uppercase J
Handwritten, Uppercase K Handwritten, Uppercase L Handwritten, Uppercase M Handwritten, Uppercase N Handwritten, Uppercase O Handwritten, Uppercase P Handwritten, Uppercase Q Handwritten, Uppercase R Handwritten, Uppercase S Handwritten, Uppercase T
Typeface, Uppercase K Typeface, Uppercase L Typeface, Uppercase M Typeface, Uppercase N Typeface, Uppercase O Typeface, Uppercase P Typeface, Uppercase Q Typeface, Uppercase R Typeface, Uppercase S Typeface, Uppercase T
Handwritten, Uppercase U Handwritten, Uppercase V Handwritten, Uppercase W Handwritten, Uppercase X Handwritten, Uppercase Y Handwritten, Uppercase Z Handwritten, Uppercase AE Handwritten, Uppercase OE Handwritten, Uppercase UE
Typeface, Uppercase U Typeface, Uppercase V Typeface, Uppercase W Typeface, Uppercase X Typeface, Uppercase Y Typeface, Uppercase Z Typeface, Uppercase AE Typeface, Uppercase OE Typeface, Uppercase UE


Handwritten 1 Handwritten 2 Handwritten 3 Handwritten 4 Handwritten 5 Handwritten 6 Handwritten 7 Handwritten 8 Handwritten 9 Handwritten 10
Typeface 1 Typeface 2 Typeface 3 Typeface 4 Typeface 5 Typeface 6 Typeface 7 Typeface 8 Typeface 9 Typeface 10
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